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Four Reasons Why Studying Higher Education at College is Better than University

4 Reasons to study HEIt’s a myth that you need to go to university to have a successful career. You can get a degree-level education at college that will boost your earning potential, give you skills for a long and successful future and have a good time doing it. What’s more, you won’t have to spend shed loads of money on tuition fees, you’ll get more one on one support and you’ll meet a huge range of people from all walks of life and age groups. Everybody wins, right? Read on to find out exactly why studying for your degree at College could be just the alternative to university that you were looking for.

1. You don’t want to pay university prices

The huge increase in university fees recently has meant that studying Higher Education at university just isn’t a viable option for everyone anymore, especially when you consider that you need to add your living and travel costs on top. Our degree-level courses are less expensive, whilst still being validated by a university and recognised by employers. What’s more, studying for your degree at a local college means that you can save money by living at home. You also get more value for money in other ways, as the class sizes are smaller so you get more individual support. Find out more about our course fees here.

2. You want to fit your studies around your commitments

College is often a more practical option for those who want to study for a degree but can’t commit to a full time course. If you need to work and study at the same time, we have so many options available for you. Studying for your future shouldn’t be a sacrifice. If you have a family to care for, or you need to work alongside your current job you can still get a Higher Education qualification with a part time or evening course at Derby College. Find out more about our part time and evening courses here.

3. You want to learn in a more adult environment

There is a common misconception that college is primarily for school-leavers. Our degree courses welcome students off all ages and we actively encourage our students to become learners for life. In today’s job market, many adults are returning to education to increase their career prospects and as a result are climbing the ladder more quickly and earning more. Fancy joining them? Find out how to apply for a degree course at Derby College here.

4. You don’t have the traditional qualifications needed to apply for university

Has the education system changed since you last studied? Did you gain your qualifications overseas? Or did you not get the grades you needed at school to apply for university? Don’t worry, we can help you get back into education no matter where you’re starting from. Our Access courses are designed for students who don’t have the traditional A Levels needed to apply via UCAS. We prepare you for Higher Education in a wide range of subjects, so find out how we can help you, here.

To see our full range of Higher Education courses, visit our course finder.

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