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Why mentoring benefits everyone involved

Whether you’re looking for a career mentor, or you’re interested in becoming a mentor in order to further your own career – here’s how taking part in a mentoring scheme, or establishing a more casual mentor-mentee relationship can benefit everyone involved.   Why have a career mentor? It helps you stay focused Having a career [Read more…]

Best apps and websites for curating your career

From creating a professional network to finding your niche skills, here we’ve shared some of the best apps and websites out there to help you grow your career in the right direction.  The networking experience on doesn’t necessarily happen online – but it’s a brilliant app for finding groups of people who [Read more…]

“Have you got any questions?” What to ask your interviewer

“Surprisingly, the most common answer to the interview question, “Do you have any questions?” is no” say This is the wrong answer. Employers use this question to really differentiate between the candidates. It’s your opportunity to stand out and demonstrate that you have thought properly about your suitability for the position, as well as [Read more…]

Workplace wellbeing trends you should know about

Want to know what employees and the companies they work for are doing to improve their physical and mental fitness in 2019? Read on.   Employers taking action  Employers are recognising the need to keep their employees happy in order to increase productivity, improve work quality and increase employee retention. More and more employers are [Read more…]