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Barbara C: I like knowing that I make a difference to people’s lives 

Barbara studied for her Business Administration NVQ Level 3 at Derby College. Her qualification allowed her to achieve her ambition of making a difference to people’s lives. She currently works for the Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and agreed to speak to our Alumni Team about her career journey so far. 


Barbara hadn’t always planned to have a career.  


“I wanted to be a stay at home mum,” she explained. “But once I’d had my one and only child I realised this was not what I wanted to do at all! I now like knowing that I make a difference to people’s lives.” 


Barbara proceeded to explain how her time at Derby College helped her to do just that.  


She returned to work after having her daughter, taking a job with the NHS. Whilst there, she took her Business Administration Level 3.  


“Completing the Business Administration NVQ with Derby College helped me to discover my strengths and weaknesses and to improve both of these,” she said. “I realised that I was not able to expand my knowledge where I was based at the time. I worked in two other teams before changing the hospital that I worked for. I am now happy and settled with an amazing job that values people like me that want to push themselves to be who they are meant to be through learning, and being enabled to make a difference by saying what you think or asking questions. 


“Since completing this course I have helped other members of staff by mentoring them through the course at Derby College. 


“My career highlight would be attaining my current position with such a brilliant NHS Trust,” she said. 


Barbara also spoke about some of the challenges she has had to overcome in her career.  


“Being unable to utilise all my skills has been a challenge,” she said. “I would like to have a little more responsibility, however I am doing a job I love at the moment. Although I may not stay here for the rest of my working life as I have a long time left to work.” 


Finally, Barbara had some advice to share with any students or alumni hoping to follow a similar career path, or thinking of studying as an adult to expand their options.  


“Dedicate yourself to the job, always do your best as it does get noticed. Network as much as you can as this will often get you ahead of others.” she said. 


Thank you for your inspirational story, Barbara! 

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