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Shannon Warren: Art and Design student talks about how the creative environment at Derby College inspired her

Shannon, now a full-time student at Derby University, attended Derby College to do her Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design. Here’s what she had to say about her journey through college and beyond. 


Her time at Derby College 


“My time at Derby College helped me to realise my passion for painting and drawing. It was good being in a creative environment where animators, illustrators and fine artists were kept together in the class. I found it useful being with people who specialised in other areas of art as it helped me to develop my own practice. I was able to explore different techniques and processes such as lino printing and life drawing. 


“I made a decision about what I wanted to become,” she said. “It inspired me to think about going to university to study Art further.  


“I loved making new friends and contacts and being in a warming environment and creative atmosphere. The head of Art and all the other staff were really helpful. My lecturers made the course interesting and they were very good at explaining things and giving advice and guidance.” 


Life at university 


“The course at Derby University is extremely good,” said Shannon. “The lecturers and tutors are lovely and very understanding and inspiring. I have made lots of friends and the facilities are great. I have gained a great amount of knowledge on artists and art history also, and university has helped me learn how to write better too.

“In my second year I managed to get an art piece in Derby Museum and then also displayed work at Riverlights in Derby for an end of year show exhibition. The biggest highlight of university though for me is the wonderful people and the opportunities to go on art trips. I have gone on visits to London, Oxford, Nottingham, Manchester, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Rolls Royce, Amsterdam, Barcelona and I will be going to Berlin in March.” 


Plans for the future 


“After my BA course I will do an MA in Fine Art,” said Shannon. “My goal is to become an artist and gradually gain all the qualifications to one day become a lecturer. I am planning on doing another BA degree in Art Therapy and one day I am going to do a PhD in Art History. 


“My advice to anyone hoping to progress in Art is to simply enjoy it and treasure the moments you have when you’re studying.  No matter how hard it gets, give it your all and never give up.” 


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