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Zahir Mahmood: “Studying law at Derby College helped me get to where I am today”

Zahir MahmoodZahir Mahmood studied his A Levels at Derby College. His hard work paid off, as he currently has “a managerial role at the age of twenty-two within a large and well known football stadium,” Zahir explained to our Alumni Team.

Zahir is Concessions Manager at Delaware North. He spoke to us about how he got his current job, his time at Derby College, and his dream of becoming a qualified solicitor in the future.

“I currently work at the Ipro football stadium in Derby,” says Zahir. “I began working there whilst at college in 2010. I started off by working as a waiter and retail assistant. After two years, I was asked to become a team leader. After this I then became a Manager, which is my current role. My responsibilities in this role include staff management, assisting team leaders, dealing with customer complaints and organising work areas for staff.”

Zahir is working at the football stadium to fund his future dream of working in the world of law.

“Since secondary school I was interested in studying law,” he said. “I chose it as an A level at Derby College and then went on to study law as an undergraduate at university. After three years of my law degree, I went on to study the Legal Practice Course.

“Derby College helped me understand what type of career I can get with a law degree and it helped me understand what areas of law I can get into.”

“Studying law at Derby College helped me get to where I am today. If I did not have the opportunity to study law and realise what opportunities there are then I do not know what I would be doing now. College helped me with skills such as writing essays, thinking critically, working independently and research skills.

Zahir is aiming to become a qualified solicitor in the next five years, and get a job with a good law firm. He had some advice to share with his fellow alumni about following a similar career path:

“For law, I would say make sure that you understand the different areas of law that you can go into and be aware that it is a lot of hard work which will take up a lot of time.”

We’re sure that for Zahir, his hard work will pay off, and we’re looking forward to hearing more about his bright future.

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