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Adult Learners’ Fundraising Efforts Win Charity Recognition

Adult LearnersA group of Derby College adult learners whose first language is not English have won a prize for their fund raising efforts.

The English and Maths learners, based at the St James Centre in Normanton, recently organised a bring and buy sale which raised £437 for the Ruth Hayman Trust.

The national charity, which provides educational grants for people who do not speak English as their first language, has now awarded the learners with a £200 prize for raising the most money in a single event.

They now plan to donate this money to CLIC Sargent which supports young cancer sufferers and their families.

ESOL Lecturer Karen Robertson explained: “We have a wide range of learners from different countries who come here to learn English and Maths and the organisation of the fund raising event has greatly helped to improve their skills and confidence.

“The learners did a fantastic job collecting items and making cakes which they sold and we were delighted with the amount of money raised. One learner even brought in several dresses she had made and sold them in a matter of seconds.

“When we heard that we had won a cash prize from the Ruth Hayman Trust we put it to the vote and learners all decided that it should go to a charity that supports children and young people.”

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