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VIDEO: The government’s new “Get In, Go Far” campaign shows the huge variety of apprenticeships on offer

Get in Go Far

You may have noticed the government’s new #getingofar campaign of late. It’s been splashed across billboards across the UK, as well as being featured in the ad-breaks of the country’s most popular television shows.

So why is this campaign so important? And how is it helping young persons across the country stand up and take notice of the tremendous opportunities available with an apprenticeship?

“To get your career started you usually need a combination of experience and qualifications. An apprenticeship gives you both,” explains the government’s brand new apprenticeship information hub, which provides information as well as a platform to search and apply for apprenticeships.

The new campaign follows the stories of thirteen young apprentices with well-known companies like the BBC, Premier Inn, Sellafield, Lloyds Banking Group, JCB, Boots, Blake Morgan Law and IBM.

Get in Go Far 2

These new poster-children of UK apprenticeships explain exactly what their apprenticeships have done for their careers, how they found their apprenticeships and what it’s really like doing one day-to-day. The campaigns aims to dispel the myths about apprenticeships being just for ‘practical’ work, or less-able students. This is simply not the case, as the news campaign stars demonstrate, as they study in industries as far-reaching as marketing, law, finance, travel and tourism, ICT, healthcare and engineering.

“In the past, talented and ambitious school leavers were too often told that university was their only option. We have transformed apprenticeships to make sure we have the right mix of skills for our future workforce,” says Business Secretary, Sajid Javid.

Maisie Beaton, one of the stars of the campaign, is a graphic illustration apprentice for Thales UK, a company who supply technology for the Aerospace, Defence, Security Transportation and Space sectors, including for the Royal Navy.

Get in Go Far 3

“Apprenticeships are being designed by top employers who are best placed to know the skills and experience young people need to get a job and get on,” Secretary Javid explains. “We’re committed to 3 million more apprenticeships by 2020 because we’re committed to helping our young people succeed.”

Apprentices across the UK are being encouraged to share selfies of themselves at work in support of the campaign, using the hashtag #getingofar – here at Derby College we want you to do the same!

Find out about the huge range of apprenticeships on offer at Derby College here

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